Polar|Cloud is involved in many businesses is a wide array of sectors ranging from men's grooming and art to digital marketing and restoration services.

Our application and role in building and understanding these businesses allowed us to have a stronger and clearer understanding of what clients needs not just from a marketing point of view, but also from an operational, finance, specific sector and HR point of view.

Below are some of the businesses Polar|Cloud has a share in.


polar media, media

Digital Marketing Solutions

Polar|Media provides complete digital services for big businesses who require presences yet are not consumer driven or small and medium businesses looking to get the ideal start to the digital marketing world


digin grooming, beard, beard care

Digin Grooming
Beard Care

Digin Grooming provides beard care products that are in tune with a man's senses. This means all the scents and oils used allow for a creation of a certain mood that will enhance the overall outlook on life and trigger positive emotions.


polar art, art, sketch

Digital Gallery

Polar|Art gives the appreciator the ability to capture moments in the simplest and most basic form; black and white. Some of the artworks displayed allows for you to touch an illustration and keep exploring new elements.

The artist is looking for polarity and documents modern history in the most basic form; glorified doodling!


call restoration, restoration service, water damage toronto, mold removal

Call Restoration
Restoration Service

Call Restoration is a Toronto based restoration company that handles all types of emergency and regular restoration projects including water damage, fire and smoke damage, mold damage, emergency plumbing restoration and many more.